Crewel fabric is a hand-crocheted embroidery fabric made in Kashmir. The embroidery is done using a hook (locally "aari") with woolen yarns on a cotton, silk, velvet, linen or jute ground fabric. Crewel work fabrics are mostly used for drapery (curtains, blinds) and upholstery (sofa, chairs). Other uses include making bedspreads, pillows and throws. Crewel fabric may be used to cover chairs or sofas and even made into table runners. All our fabrics in cotton and cotton-velvet are Upholstery grade. Colors add to the variety of crewel fabric; besides white, you may find black, navy, maroon, cream, beige and other background colors used. Embroidery may be single color, 3 shades of one color or a range of colors (multicolor).