Original Kashmir Pashmina "Cashmere" Embroidered Shawl, Background, Multicolor #PJL-104

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Pashmina Shawls
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Fabulous Hand Embroidered Pashmina Shawl handmade in Kashmir. The shawl features an allover floral and creeper design with small motifs in multicolor Needlework "Sozni" Embroidery. The background is multicolored comprising of black, maroon and beige colors.
The shawl features the softest wool found on the famous ring shawls.
The shawl is embroidered using cotton thread and takes the craftsman upto 6 months of work to finish.

BACKGROUND FABRIC: 100% Pashmina Wool
SIZE: 39 x 80 inches / 100 x 200 cm (approx.)
COLOR: Multicolored with black, maroon and beige
DESIGN: Handloom Weaving / Hand Embroidery
CARE: Dry clean only
ORIGIN: Kashmir

Fabric and embroidery colors may vary from monitor to monitor! Need to make sure? Free sample swatches available upon order. How many swatches can I order? Fabric swatches upto a maximum of 6 can be shipped. What size are the swatches? Swatches are roughly 4 to 6 inches in size and may not show a sizeable area of the pattern. Will the ordered swatch include all embroidery colors? The swatches will not necessarily include all embroidery colors. You may however order 2 swatches of a fabric to include majority of colors. Will the swatches match with the actual fabric? Sample swatches are cut from actual fabric bolts so you can rest assured on your fabric order matching the sample exactly. Are there shipping charges to be paid? Shipping cost as applicable is chargeable at checkout. A minimum of $0.50 per swatch shall be added to the total. How to Order swatches? 1. In the product listing, select "Sample Swatch" for option titled "Order Type". 2. Add item to Cart. Follow this procedure for other items for which samples are needed. 3. Click "Checkout" and make payment using any of the available payment options. 4. Please note that there is a limit of 6 swatches per order including duplicates for certain SKUs, where the limit is 2 per SKU. 5. In case any ordered sample is out of stock, we shall try to ship a replacement in another fabric. 6. Any extra swatches ordered beyond this number will not be shipped. Shipping is done through DHL or Fedex Express courier.
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Original Kashmir Pashmina "Cashmere" Embroidered Shawl, Background, Multicolor #PJL-104
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