Original Kashmir Pashmina Soft "Cashmere" Shawl Beige, Multicolor Embroidery #PDR-011


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Fabulous Hand Embroidered Pashmina Shawl handmade in Kashmir. The shawl features a rectangular border design with an 8 inch high palla and a 1 inch wide side border with large paisley motifs motifs in multicolor Needlework "Sozni" Embroidery.
The shawl is a large size usually more suited for gents wear. The shawl features the softest wool found on the famous ring shawls. The shawl is embroidered using cotton thread and takes the craftsman upto 9 months of work to finish.

BACKGROUND FABRIC: 100% Pashmina Wool
SIZE: 54 x 108 inches / 135 x 270 cm (approx.)
COLOR: Beige
DESIGN: Handloom Weaving / Hand Embroidery
CARE: Dry clean only
ORIGIN: Kashmir
In Stock: Ships in 5-7 days
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